GillenMarkets is one of Ireland's leading independent investment advisory firms. Our unique proposition is that we offer investment training, we provide you with the tools to manage your own savings and pension monies or we can co-manage your investments with you.

Whether you are a novice investor just getting started, an existing investor looking to improve or someone in a position to manage their own savings and/or pension monies, GillenMarkets 1-day training seminars should be of immense benefit to you.

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A weekly Investment Newsletter and website offering that provides informed and independent advice regarding events in global markets, and what stocks and funds offer value. This offering allows you to manage your savings and/or pension monies in a risk-controlled manner.

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If you are looking for independent expert advice to help manage your savings and/or pension monies, our Wealth Management offering maybe for you. We co-manage substantial assets for our clients and provide tailored investment solutions.

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