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Former Goodbody And NCB Director Joins GillenMarkets

Brian Delaney has joined GillenMarkets, the Irish-based investment training and advisory firm, as Executive Chairman. Formerly Head of Private Clients at Goodbody Stockbrokers and Head of Equities at NCB Stockbrokers (now Investec), he will be actively involved in GillenMarkets bringing his vast experience and investment knowledge to the firm and its clients.

Brian started his career with Bank of Ireland before joining Goodbody Stockbrokers in 1987. He was Head of Private Clients from 1995 until 2006 when he left to become Corporate Development Director with O'Flynn Group. In 2010, he joined NCB Stockbrokers as Head of Institutional Equities. Brian was a Board Director of both Goodbody and NCB. 

Rory Gillen, founder of GillenMarkets, commented: "Brian and I share ideas and values that are fundamental to providing private clients with the best care for their investments. I am delighted that Brian is making a significant investment in our firm and joining us as Executive Chairman."

Brian will use his many years of experience at Goodbody and NCB to expand and improve GillenMarkets: "I have admired Rory and GillenMarkets since its inception in late 2009; the firm's integrity and understanding of investment markets are unique in Ireland."

GillenMarkets aims to be the best company that investors can deal with in the Irish market to help manage their assets. The firm's unique proposition is that it provides investors with the tools to manage their own assets - via Ireland's only online investment newsletter and investment training seminars - as well as providing asset management services.

Clients normally start their relationship with GillenMarkets by attending one of its renowned One-Day Investment Training Seminars or with a formal one-to-one Investment Review. Both services are solely fee-based. In this way, the firm is able to provide independent, non-commission-based advice and services, free of influence from financial product sellers.

For more information, contact Gemma Rankin at 01-287 1400, email gemma@gillenmarkets.com or see www.gillenmarkets.com.