The GM Fund

Share Price

Price Performance
1 Week -2.8%
1 Month -3.8%
6 Month 16.6%
Year-to-Date -10.1%
1-Year -3.7%
  • Share Price: €129.78
  • Ticker Code: GMFUNDA ID
  • Shares In Issue: 0.387 m
  • Fund Size: €50.27 m
  • Fund TER: 1.25%
  • Year End: December
  • Fund Type: Non-listed Funds
  • Sector: Multi-Asset
  • Region: Global
  • Benchmark Index: EU Interest Rates


The GM Fund is a mixed-asset fund that aims to reflect the GillenMarkets investment team's best investment ideas over time. The fund's natural position is to be heavily weighted towards equities (which include property REITs and private equity), which has been the best performing asset class over the medium- to long-term. However, other asset classes are considered if there is either clear value on offer or lower risk.