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Is it possible, with a busy lifestyle, that an individual can control his/her own investments in a couple of hours a year, while at the same time gaining better control over the investment process, obtaining good value when investing in markets and minimising the costs when dealing? The answer is an unequivocal yes and you will learn how to do it with each of our four books...

This booklet outlines several 'alternative risk assets' that investors can consider. It also outlines their expected risks and returns profiles including hedge & absolute return funds, corporate credit, renewable energy assets and gold.


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Buy Understanding Alternative Assets

This booklet shows you where gold is today in relation to long-term inflationary trends and introduces you to three separate and highly useful technical indicators that provide a risk-controlled way of determining when gold is worth buying. All three indicators have outperformed a 'Buy & Hold' gold strategy since 1968 by healthy margins.

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The booklet outlines why stock and property markets move higher over time generating returns well in excess of bank deposits. It makes the case that if you want to achieve financial freedom, you need to save at least 10% of your income before all else.


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Buy A Guide to Sound Investing

The tools to becoming a successful do-it-yourself investor are outlined clearly in this book. After reading it you will understand how stock markets work, the differences and similarities they share with physical property investing, and you will be in a position to manage your own savings and pension monies while controlling the risks.

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