Membership Offering

For most private investors, deciding which stock to purchase or where to put your investments can be an unnerving prospect. Did I make the right decision? Who told me that and what do they really know? Were they advising me or just selling to me? What happens if I lose this money? And then there's the big question -  who can I trust? 

The GillenMarkets membership offering provides independent analysis and recommendations on where we see value in the markets. It is driven by a value-based investment philosophy, which means that we are constantly looking to find opportunities that offer reasonable value with minimal risks.

The annual subscription costs €299, and subscribers to the GillenMarkets website get 24/7 access to an independent, comprehensive resource with features such as:

  1. A Weekly Newsletter - Each Saturday, we publish our Weekly Investment Newsletter, which provides a clear view as to what happened in markets along with updates on stocks and funds that we cover and recommend. The bulletin is available online, in audio format (that you can listen to on your Smartphone), and in downloadable PDF format.
  2. Investment Solutions - Each subscriber has different circumstances and objectives. The website outlines a number of different recommended portfolios, each with their own separate strategy and objective, that subscribers can copy in full or select specific choices from.
  3. My Portfolio - Of the numerous stocks, funds and ETFs that we cover, each subscriber has the opportunity to monitor their own portfolio with this facility.
  4. Ask a Question - Subscribers can pose any investment-related question directly to our editor, and get a direct answer.
  5. Featured Articles - Part of our mission is to make sure that our subscribers are well educated on investment matters, and from time to time we publish new investment related articles which adds to our growing library of articles that you can access.
  6. Email Alerts We send email alerts on the rare occasions that we spot something in the market that we feel you must know about that day.
  7. Price Alerts - You can set up price alerts on our database and receive an email when your price limits (up or down limits) have been reached. These alerts are send on a Friday evening after we have updated our database for the closing weekly prices.
  8. Invitations to Seminars, Training Courses and Presentations and Occasional Business Updates - We will send you emails for our 1-day seminars, designed for new and existing investors to take more control of their savings and/or pension monies, as well as our conferences, presentations, training courses, business updates. You can unsubscribe to the weekly bulletin, featured articles and seminar emails at any time.

Becoming a subscriber is as easy as clicking on the registration links on the top right hand side of this page in the panel. If you are unsure about becoming a subscriber, then you can avail of the 14-Day Free Trial Offer. This allows you to look around the website for two weeks as well as receive two weekly newsletters. To avail of the 14-Day Trial you still have to enter your contact details and credit/debit card details, but you can opt out before the 14 days are up by sending us an email at and nothing will be charged. We also send you an email reminder when your 14-day trial is almost complete.