Investment Training

Due to Covid-19, we are not currently running one-day seminars. Thank you for your understanding.

We all need training to help better manage our finances and investments and this point was surely driven home to us following the wholesale destruction of capital during the Global Credit Crisis of 2008. We suffer in a downturn, but some suffer more than others. Downturns bring volatility and uncertainty and can impact your confidence, judgment and desire to invest in a certain asset class.

Bull markets do the opposite and bring over confidence, trapping you into overlooking important fundamental information and risks. To consistently maintain and grow your wealth, you need a strategy that removes emotion, can be managed in a busy life and takes account of volatility.

Learn How To Invest With Confidence

Our 1-day seminar is designed for new and existing investors to take more control of their savings and/or pension monies. It is also useful for pension trustees and financial advisors looking to improve their knowledge of investing.

Registration and Price

To register for the 1-Day Training Seminar package - scroll up to the top right-hand side and fill in your details or call the office at 01 2871400. 

The full cost of our investment training seminar package is €598* (€896 for a double booking) and Includes a Comprehensive Package:

  • 1-Day Investment Training Seminar with a resource folder with the all the slides from the day.
  • Twelve Months Membership to GillenMarkets website, which includes a weekly investment bulletin, research on suitable stocks and funds to own and much more...
  • A complementary copy of the book 3 Steps To Investment Success which is the first book of its kind to be published in Ireland on practical investing (normal cost €19.95).
  • A complementary copy of our booklets Start Thy Purse to Fattening: A Guide to Sound Investing.

*If you are already a member of GillenMarkets, the cost of the package is €300: you should simply call the office on 01 2871400 or email to and we will revert to you.


  • Manage a lump-sum investment
  • Manage your own pension
  • Start a saving programme
  • Develop a clear, focused and disciplined investment plan from any of the following investment approaches, which can then be implemented using our website.

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