The Book

We believe that there are just three steps to making a success of investing throughout your life time. The first step is to adopt an approach that you can understand and that suits your temperament. This book includes a number of easy-to-follow approaches including a time-tested approach to selecting value stocks in the UK market. The second step is to understand why the markets are so volatile, and to avoid letting the volatility interrupt your investment plans. The third and final step is to have the patience to let compounding work its magic over time.

The tools to becoming a successful do-it-yourself investor are outlined clearly in this book. After reading it you will understand how stock markets work, the differences and similarities they share with physical property investing, and you will be in a position to manage your own savings and pension monies while controlling the risks.

What's Inside?

The Book InsideIs it possible, with a busy lifestyle, that an individual can control his/her own investments in a couple of hours a year, while at the same time gaining better control over the investment process, obtaining good value when investing in markets and minimising the costs when dealing? The answer is an unequivocal yes and you will learn how to do it with this book!



Extract 1
Building an asset base from which you can earn income gives you choices later in life. My aim is that, when you close this book, you should be able to implement an easy-to-follow approach to investing in the stock markets, whilst minimising the risks. No matter what level of experience you are starting from, this book is aimed at assisting you to obtain the returns on offer from markets over time.
Extract 2
Most private investors underestimate the challenges of identifying suitable individual companies (shares) to buy and when to sell them. This book outlines why this is and offers an easy-to-follow mechanical approach to selecting a diversified portfolio of stocks in the UK FTSE 100 Index, an index that represents the 100 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange by market capitalisation.
Extract 3
The advent of low-cost, online dealing has substantially lowered the cost of investing in markets. The Internet also has made it easier to access independent investment advice. If you wish to be a do-it-yourself investor, to reduce your reliance on product sellers, then the tools are now readily available to you.